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The World-Wide Rock n Roll Marathon Tour

Christopher Lane, Attorney, North Carolina

A North Carolina attorney with a solo practice since 2002, Christopher Lane has more than two decades of professional experience. When not busy with his responsibilities as an attorney, Chris Lane enjoys training for and running marathons within North Carolina and around North America, his best time being three hours and 44 minutes at the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in Arizona.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series began in 1998 as a fun event for runners, and has expanded into a tour in 30 locations across the world. At each event, bands are arranged along the race track, playing alongside the competitors to keep them energized. Many big names in the music scene have performed at Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons, including the Goo Goo Dolls, Train, and the All-American Rejects.
In addition to the general run, competitors can choose from 5k, 10k, half marathon, and relay options , and the event features other fun programs such as Run For The Bling. This program offers extra medals for simply completing a race, running over two days, or running at multiple locations on the tour.
The participants of this popular event also raise money for charities, and have collected more than $300 million since the marathon’s inception.

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